Top Reasons Roofing Fails

When it comes to roofing in Townsville, you can rely on VP Roofing and Home Improvements, where we have trained and friendly staff to get the job done for you. A good quality roof is vital to your home because it protects you from weather, keeps the temperature inside comfortable, and ensures that the integrity of your house isn’t compromised. For that reason, it’s a good idea to know why roofing fails so you can take measures to prevent it from happening to you.

Improper Installation

It’s very important to have your roof properly installed for the best results. One of the most common reasons that a roof fails is that it isn’t placed the right way. This can lead to leaks, damage to your home and gutters and the cost of having to have it fixed or replaced. We do only the best work and guarantee a quality roof installation the first time.

Low-Quality Materials

We use only top quality materials for your roof. That’s because a good roof is important for protecting you and your family from the elements, be that rain, wind or sleet. The wrong materials can also lead to leaks or loss of shingles. This can lead to higher costs because you’ll have to pay for replaced materials and damage repairs.

Poor Work Quality

Just like you need good quality materials for a long lasting roof, you need people who can do a quality job at installation and maintenance. Our roofers are well trained and able to do the job right and we’ll never cut corners. That’s because doing so can lead to leaks, damaged parts of the roof and the need for repairs more often than you should be doing them. This is also why it’s not usually a good idea to do your own roof work unless you know what you’re doing it. It might save money in the moment but could lead to costly repairs down the road.


Another common reason why roofs fail is because they aren’t cared for properly. This involves keeping the gutters well cleaned and removing branches and debris that collect on the roof. Anytime the roof needs to be fixed, be sure any holes made are properly sealed to prevent leaks. Your roof won’t last forever, but with proper care you can ensure that it lasts for many years to come.

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