Whether it's a farm shed, a tool shed or a 'man' shed...

VP Roofing & Home Improvements can design a shed to suit any need.

VP Roofing & Home Improvements are experts in the design of high quality Australian built sheds. From DIY Kit Sheds to the supply and installation of your dream shed, VP Roofing & Home Improvements will work with you to create your perfect space. The possibilities are endless and can be customised to include:

All work comes fully certified and engineered to meet cyclone standards (a necessity when building in NQ).

Why Choose a Shed from VP Roofing & Home Improvements?

Backed By A Bluescope Steel Warranty

The integrity of your shed is backed by up to a 20-year Bluescope® Steel Warranty. Bluescope® Steel are one of Australia’s leading steel manufacturing companies, so having a warranty from Bluescope® Steel is an investment in peace of mind. To find out more about the Bluescope steel warranty please click here. At VP Roofing & Home Improvements, you can have peace of mind knowing that we only use quality materials and partner with leading Australian Suppliers:

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