Roof Maintenance & Roof Reports

We believe that prevention is better than cure... consider a roof maintenance plan today!

We can implement a roof maintenance plan tailored to your specific needs, that will protect your roof and building structure and ultimately prolong the life of your roof.  A roof maintenance plan involves a periodic inspection of your roof, identification of any maintenance issues and consideration of what remediation works need to be carried out to fix the issues identified.

Using the latest video technology, VP Roofing & Home Improvements prepare comprehensive roof condition reports.  These reports include an overview and analysis of the current condition of the roof together with recommendations for necessary rectification works to be carried out.  These rectification works are prioritised to enable you to determine the order in works should be carried out.  

In addition to a comprehensive written report, we also include access to a video presentation of the roof allowing you to obtain a visual understanding of the issues identified and the reason behind the need for repair works to be carried out.

Complementing our roof condition reports, our team of expert tradespeople have experience in carrying out roof repairs & maintenance.  From leak detection to remedial works, VP Roofing & Home Improvements has extensive experience in identifying and carrying out roof repair work on any residential, commercial or industrial project.  This may include replacing damaged roof sheeting, replacing screws, water-proofing and re-screwing.

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