Our Roofing Services Available in Townsville

Something that probably doesn’t cross your mind often is roofing in Townsville. However, when you need a new roof or your existing one needs repairs, you need the pros at VP Roofing and Home Improvements on your side. We can perform a wide range of services to meet your needs, ensuring that your roof is always in tip top shape. A good quality roof protects your home and your family. Let us help you with the following services.

Roof Replacements

A new roof is definitely an investment, but it’s necessary to keep the weather outside your home and everyone inside safe. We can do full roof replacements that can withstand Mother Nature, including sun, wind, rain, and hail. Not only can a brand new roof be safer, but it can also boost the visual appeal of your house and increase the overall value at the same time.

Roof Repairs

Sometimes you don’t need a brand new roof but do need to repair the existing one. That’s something we can do for you too. Whether you need new shingles or to patch up a leak, our roofing experts are able to perform the job and get your roof back to normal in no time.

Colourbond Roofing

One of the things we specialise in is Colourbond roofing, which is a lightweight and durable steel material that offers enhanced protection for your home. Colourbond steel is ideal for many parts of Australia and can withstand extreme weather. It’s available in 22 colours so you can make a choice that pairs well with the look and feel of your home. In addition to being good looking, these steel materials are much longer lasting than other kinds of roofing materials and can save you money in the long run by preventing future damage and repairs.

Skylights and Ventilation

Skylights are a wonderful choice for letting natural light into your home. We can install them in many parts of your roof, including above bathrooms, kitchens and living spaces. Our skylights meld with the look of your home and add visual appeal in addition to their function. We can also provide ventilation solutions that keep the heat out of your house, which can save you money on cooling and make your space more comfortable during the summer months.

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