How to Know Which Roofers Are Reliable in Townsville

Isn’t it horrible when you know that you have to call in a tradesman to do something? Unless you have a regular set of professionals that you know and can trust to do a good job of the work without having to sell your soul to the devil to pay them, what do you do?

Like most people, you are a casual customer, someone that only needs a tradesman on occasion when something crops up that you can’t handle. Maybe you’ve never had the occasion to do so before? Maybe you are new to the area? Whatever the reason, we’ve all heard the horror stories, haven’t we? The bloke doesn’t turn up. They leave the job half done. They make a right balls-up of the work. They hit you up for excessive fees for practically nothing!

After years of being roofers in Townsville, we at V.P. Roofing have heard all the stories and the complaints too. That’s why we’re going to help by sharing our tips for how to know which roofers are reliable in Townsville.

Do Your Research

Online searches will probably give you a surfeit of roofers to choose from, but unfortunately, their glossy websites won’t really tell you about the people who run the business or the quality of their work. Some roofers may advertise their services by pushing leaflets through your door. That’s ok to start investigating the local firms but be wary of door knockers.

Quick Replies to Enquiries

One indication of serious and reliable roofers is how promptly they answer messages left on their website contact page or the attitude of whoever answers their telephone. Reliable roofers should be as professional when dealing with their customers at all times.

Don’t Fall for the Full Payment Trap

Steer clear of any roofer that asks for full payment of the work up front. Most will ask for a deposit of between a third and a half of the total cost, depending on how big the job is. Any more than that and you should say goodbye immediately.

Stay Away from Sub-Contractors

It is better to stay clear of any that use sub-contractors. Pick roofers that only use their own personnel. Also make sure that they are registered companies and carry liability insurance. Ask about guarantees and warranties too.

Word of Mouth Suggestions are Valuable

Really, the best way to know which roofers are reliable is by word of mouth recommendations. Ask around your family, friends, and neighbours. See who has used the services of this or that one. Question whether or not they are satisfied with the work done. You can compare estimates, but don’t decide on price alone.

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