Carports Vs Garages: Which One Do You Need?

The decision as to whether to have a garage or a carport depends on several factors. Here at VP Roofing, we have been providing carports in Townsville for more than 10 years and know that is needs careful consideration as to whether a garage or carport is the best option for your property and your requirements. Here’s a comparison to enable you to decide:

What is a Garage?

A garage is a fully enclosed structure designed to house vehicles. It can be freestanding or attached to a home, either built as an integral part of the ground floor or sharing an external wall. They are built in various sizes: single, double, triple, or tandem (cars are stored nose to tail). As permanent structures garages are built of any combination of brick, concrete, steel and timber.

The Advantages of a Garage Over a Carport

    • Versatility. Garages can be used as storage space or converted to living space, home office, or even gym.
    • Protection from the elements. Garages are waterproof structures.
    • Security. Locked garages offer safe storage.
    • Complementary architecture. Garages can be built in the same style as an existing property.

What is a Carport?

Also known as a car porch, carports are less substantial structures than garages and offer protection for a vehicle and people when entering and leaving said vehicle. A carport is much more defined by its building materials than a garage. Common constructions are of metal, (aluminium, steel, or iron), wood, and uPVC. Some carports are merely a roof on supports while others may have a wall or two.

The Advantages of a Carport Over a Garage

    • Easier. A simpler construction makes carports faster to build
    • Cheaper. Fewer construction materials, less specialised equipment, and less labour.
    • A carport requires only planning approval whereas a garage might require planning assessment or consent.
    • Ventilation. Adequate airflow due to the open nature of the structure.
    • Discreet. Carports are a smaller construction than a garage.
    • Versatility. The open-sided nature still provides shelter but gives an “outdoor” feel to an area that can be used as a play area, BBQ station, or workshop area.

Which to choose?

In summary, choose a garage if you want something more substantial with a high level of security and protection from the elements. Choose a carport if you have a smaller budget and want something that is quicker to build and easier to maintain.

All the carports in Townsville we supply are sympathetic to the aesthetic of the original building and use quality materials in their construction. If you would like more information on the carports on offer from VP Roofing, get in touch for a free quote from one of our experts.

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