Benefits Of Carports

Carports are just one of the home improvements we offer at VP Roofing to enhance the appearance and increase the value of your home. Providing shelter for your car when it’s not in use is always better than leaving it out in the open to avoid wear and tear. Although this alone is a great reason to invest in a carport, there are many more advantages of carports in Townsville. 

Protection from the weather

Ensuring your vehicle isn’t exposed to the elements dramatically reduces the risk of damage to the paintwork and lowers the potential for rust. Aside from this, carports also reduce the heat that can build up in a car’s interior from the harmful sun’s rays as well as avoiding paint fading.

A Safety Aspect

Even though Townsville is a relatively safe place to live, for those who live alone, a carport can provide a sense of security. Many agree that parking your car close to your home feels much safer than parking by the kerb. Not only because you can hear your cars alarm if it does sound but also, you can see if anyone is getting too close.

Burglar & Vandalism Deterrent

Someone looking to steal a car is much less inclined to try anything if your car is close to the house and under a carport. Not only that, but a carport may also provide shelter for your car from vandalism. Definitely a positive if you live in an area that tends to be targeted for these sorts of matters.


Most carports do not have doors, so they are convenient for coming home with items such as groceries, baby seats and push bikes etc.

Adds Extra Space to Your Home

There are various ways a carport can be utilised as an additional space. Because of the covering, it can be used in all sorts of weather, giving you much more flexibility than open garden space:

  • A carport can be used as a storage space for almost anything. Vehicles such as trailers, boats, motorcycles, ATVs, campervans and even small caravans can sit underneath.
  • It provides a shaded space for children to play safely outdoors without worrying about over-exposure to the sun.
  • A carport area is also a great space for DIY jobs. Being able to do prep work outside saves making a mess in the house. The fact that it is outside also means there is better ventilation than a garage or shed, should you be using chemicals or woodwork of any sort. 

Adding Value to Your Home

We build carports in Townsville to complement and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. If the added security and convenience aspects aren’t enough for you yet, consider the added value to your home when adding a carport. Whether it be for your personal use, rental tenants, or if you’re considering selling, adding value to your home is always a positive.

Want Added Security? Add Walls To Your New Carport

As well as installation of carports, VP Roofing also offer the ability to add walls to your carport to enhance previously mentioned advantages as well as providing an even more secure storage space.

Whether you’re in the market for a new carport or just weighing out your options, VP Roofing & Home Improvements are here to help. With carportspatiosdeckssheds and more on offer, contact us today. 

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